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Classic Fuel Solutions is committed to providing your cherished, classic vehicle with the fuel it was originally designed for. We offer several grades of highly engineered ethanol free petrol. Visit our shop to view the full range of ethanol free fuel.

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Formula 105

Our Formula 105 high octane, ethanol free leaded racing fuel has been specifically developed for classic motorsport, providing outstanding performance.


  • Formula 105 is minimum 105 Octane
  • The valve seats are fully protected
  • Designed for use in high compression engines
  • Formulated to provide optimum power at continuous high RPM


Our Premium lead replacement fuel has been specially designed to deliver the performance your vehicle is capable of, whilst preserving and protecting it’s engine.


  • Preserves valve seats and fuel system
  • No ethanol – protects against moisture damage and increases fuel shelf life
  • High octane
  • Reduces pinking and vapour locking

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Classic Fuel Solutions products are formulated unleaded petrol containing recognised additives that both protect the valve seats and increase the octane number.

We off the following options to purchase our products:


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  • Overseas Shipping (Europe)
  • Pre-Order for Free Collection from one of our UK Events


Top Tuner – Fred Walmsley
July 18, 2019

Having dyno tested the Classic Fuel Solutions Formula 105 I am pleased to report it did everything it says on the can and a little bit more!!!

Formula 105 is great for protecting the engine and gives a nice crisp throttle response, together with an improved mid range.

Highly recommend this.



Formula 105 Video

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