Having dyno tested the Classic Fuel Solutions Formula 105 I am pleased to report it did everything it says on the can and a little bit more!!!Formula 105 is great for protecting the engine and gives a nice crisp throttle response, together with an improved mid range.Highly recommend this.

Fred Walmsley

Top Tuner

Dear sirs,

I am writing to you to tell of my appreciation and experience of trialling your petrol mix more suited to the older engine. My car is a regularly used Alvis Firebird 14. This is a mid thirties 4 cylinder car that I have owned for 31 years and we have completed over 100,000 miles together in that time. I have used your petrol exclusively for the motoring season of 2017 and I cannot express in the mere words how pleased I am with the result.

When i first started using the fuel I found I needed to use the mixture control on a cold engine to richen the mixture a little more and for slightly longer as the engine warmed than has been the norm since BS4040 leaded fuel was withdrawn. Now as I think back, I am driving the car exactly as I did when I first owned it using that now obsolete fuel. This slight richening when cold let me to very slightly richen the setting of the SU carburettor by ONE flat on the jet adjustment nut i.e. on sixth of a turn down and the car then immediately settled to the new fuel with great vigour and enthusiasm. Of course I made no scientific output tests but I know through experience that once this small adjustment was made the engine pulled away evenly from slow speeds, ticked over smoothly and altogether felt completely at ease. The temperature gauge on my car is not exactly in the first flush of youth and is not to be relied on for any accurate indication of engine temperature but needless to say there was no hint of steam and no topping up of the radiator above what has been normal for this car so i can conclude with confidence that the running temperature of the engine was not in any way adversely affected and the maintenance of the usual oil pressure at the tickover of around 18Lbs when hot was evident so certainly the engine was not in excess of its usual running temperature.

Based on my experience of it, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the use of this fuel which I know has been expertly formulated to replace what we lost when leaded fuel of a lower octane was lost to us.

Chris Taylor, Cheshire.

I have been using Classic Fuel Solutions Premium all summer in my Alvis Silver Eagle and the engine is more powerful and it no longer vapour locks in traffic or on the motorway. I highly recommend Classic Fuel Solutions to all classic car owners.

Tony Donelly, Cheshire.

“I use this fuel in both my pre war Frazer Nash and my Cooper T43. Both have highly stressed engines and I enjoy the peace of mind that Classic Fuel Solution’s  109 octane leaded racing fuel gives me. There are plenty things that can go wrong wrong without being caught out by poor quality fuel.”

Charles Gillet

Morco Products