About Us

Classic Fuel Solutions was derived from an oil company and a classic bike/car enthusiast, nothing more, nothing less.  Realising ethanol and the lack of lead in modern petrol were major problems for the classic engine, Classic Fuel Solutions set about on a quest to develop a fuel which would lead to the elimination of these re-occurring issues.  The technical team used its’ knowledge, expertise and contacts within the oil industry to develop bespoke fuels for the Classic market.  Formula 105 was launched for the track and Premium for the road. 

Bespoke Petrol

Classic Fuel Solutions bespoke petrol is formulated to both protect the valve seats and increase the octane number to a level exceeding that of regular unleaded fuel. This bespoke petrol can be added directly to any make or model of classic car or motorbike that was originally designed to run on leaded fuel.  Additionally, and almost uniquely, the petrol does not contain ethanol. Ethanol readily picks up water from the atmosphere and the fuel supply chain resulting in an acidic product that can cause corrosion of metallic components and can adversely react with incompatible plastics, rubbers and fibre-glass.  This makes Classic Fuel Solutions the best choice petrol for your cherished engine.

Our Formula 105 was developed further in conjunction with Davis Motorsport over a year of racing, and latterly, we brought the product to the CRMC for their 2019 season with outstanding results thus far from Minnovation and Molnar Manx to name but a few.  During the development and end use, our product ambassador, Steve Parrish has supported us all the way.